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Located in the Hill Country

Texas barbecue, family owned and operated since 1976.

“Laissez les bons temps rouler.”

Featured Meats


Perfectly smoked brisket


Tender and flavorful ribs


The juiciest turkey breasts


Featured Sides

Cucumber Salad

Cucumber salad, which is one of the customer's favorites

Cream Corn

Cream corm is one of the newest addition and quickly favorited by our customers

Pasta Salad

Our famous classic pasta salad


Google Review

“Our 95th 'cue stop in Texas, and the 390th in a 35 state BBQ odyssey, brought us to one of the 50 runners-up in the 2021 Texas Monthly Magazine listing of The 50 Best BBQ Joints. In our judgment, it belongs in the top fifty, period.”

John K Evans,


Google Review

“It is a Bar-B-Que eatery of the highest order. The brisket is perfect, sausage was wonderful! My son had a Chopped BBQ sandwich and it was great too!”

Ken Porter,


Google Review

“Flew into Junction with a friend from Germany JUST to eat here and have some great Texas BBQ!! Meats seasoned to perfection, tender, so juicy and so delicious. The plates are reasonably priced and can never go wrong with brisket and sausage. The customer service was excellent and very helpful to my friend being there for the first time. Can’t wait to visit again.”

C Rs,

The Pits



“The Land of Smoke and Fire” - Gear Patrol

Everything we do starts and ends with these pits. For years we cooked primarily on custom fire brick and mortar pits that we had built locally. We still use the pits daily, but have now added a 1000 gallon Moberg and an AN Bewey Pit to the mix. All four of the current pits are unique and allow us more freedom to experiment and tailor the cooking specific to each individual meat.

Our Story

It's a family tradition.

In 1976, my Grandad Louis Lumbley and Father Richard Lumbley moved from Houston to Junction, TX to open up Lum’s Country Store. Lum’s started out as a hybrid convenient store / gas station that sold a little barbecue on the side. This hybrid gas station / barbecue restaurant combination has its own storied history in Texas, but that is another story entirely. As the years and generations slowly passed, the focus shifted away from this amalgamation and more towards a traditional barbecue restaurant. Now with my brother Nicholas Lumbley and I at the helm, our sole priority is producing the best possible food that we can. In my personal opinion, after all the years we’ve spent around the Barbecue world, I think we are getting pretty good at it.

43212460_1401969199932964_6123987561690296448_n Austin Lumbley Co-owner, Pit Master
  1. First Generation

    Louis Lumbley


  2. 1976

    Grand Opening


  3. Second Generation

    Rick Lumbley


  4. 2016


    Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 20.34.14

  5. Third Generation

    Nicholas Lumbley


  6. 2024

    Continued Progression

    Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 20.34.41

  7. Third Generation

    Austin Lumbley



Our Catering Services

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